Firm believer in the goodness of human beings

- 01 September 2014 @ 14h06

I am still a firm believer in the human race and the goodness of human beings, therefore my passion is to empower people who feel they cannot contribute to society in a positive way. I look for people who perform actively caring acts or acts of kindness to other people and award them with a wristband thanking them for the act of kindness they performed to a stranger. The purpose of the wristband is to remind people that being kind to other people and caring about people you don’t even know is a choice and every person has the ability to make that choice. My aim is to empower more and more people to make the choice of being kind in a society that is perceived as violent and non-caring.

Why did I choose this as a way of empowerment – because there are so many ways people are encouraging people to be empowered in different ways by taking action and speaking up yet, never have I heard people thanking strangers for the small tokens of kindness they perform daily, it is only the major things or large campaigns that are thanked. Our society will be much better if everyone of us start thanking each other for these small tokens of kindness and my wristband is a symbol of hope and a reminder that YOU and I can make the difference starting where you are without lots of money and resources – just by choice.

The message on this wristband reads: “I ACTIVELY CARE FOR PEOPLE”


Connie Engelbrecht won a Spa package from Sorbet for her winning story on Empowering herself and those around her.
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