Increased career opportunities in nutrition

- 01 September 2014 @ 13h20

Increased global and local awareness on healthy eating and fitness has created a massive need for professionals with a passion for, and grounded knowledge of, nutrition. Modern companies, schools, brands and public institutions are increasingly encouraging healthy eating, and in turn, promoting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Unilever, one of the world’s largest multinational consumer goods companies, partners with several international health organisations in order to conduct research to actively encourage a sustainable lifestyle through targeted marketing campaigns to current and potential consumers. Well-known for its employee benefits, Google makes healthy eating an easy option, by putting obvious nutrition labels on all food available in their offices. They also design their cafeterias with behavioral economics in mind, keeping meal portion sizes in check, thus decreasing food waste.

It is no wonder that there is a greater need for professionals with a solid grounding in nutritional knowledge. Consumers, employees and the general public need to understand the principles of good nutrition and how to apply them.

Careers in healthy food retail; nutritional food writing and blogging; nutrition educators for schools; and nutrition advisors for companies or in a private capacity are increasingly prominent and profitable options.

Gaining skills, or expanding on your current passion for nutrition, can open up many doors for career opportunities, and will continue to do so as conversations on this topic become ever more prominent in South Africa.

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