Don't Dry Out This Winter

- 15 June 2015 @ 16h25

Keep Your Skin Winter Wonderful!

The Best Ways To Winter-Proof Your Beauty Routine

Now that the winter months are approaching, it’s time to start preparing for the inevitable cold, dry air and snow that comes with them.  Winter elements can cause tremendous damage to your hair and skin, but only if you let them!

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Don’t dry out this winter! Follow this simple advice to keep your hair and skin feeling healthy and strong:


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Winter months strip the moisture from your skin and can leave you feeling dry and itchy.  To keep your body feeling soft and beautiful, it’s important to hydrate regularly and quench your skins thirst before it’s calling for it. Make sure to avoid any chemical treatments in the winter, as they may irritate your skin even more. Just think natural and healing (i.e.: aloe, lavender) and you can’t go wrong. Here are five ways to protect your skin from suffering this winter:

  • Change your moisturizer - pick one that's oil-based, rather than water-based (also, don’t skip the sunscreen!)
  • Invest in a humidifier
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
  • Add Omega oils to your diet – consume plenty of fish, nuts and soy
  • Don't take too hot of showers and keep them short


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Cold winter days will cause your hair to become brittle and coarse, so it’s really important to hydrate every opportunity you get. Not only will your hair get drier and break easier in winter, but the elements will also cause lasting damage that will take months to repair. Avoid damaging your lengthy locks this winter by following this advice:

  • Wash your hair less often or skip the shampoo
  • Be sure to use a heat-protectant or serum whenever applying heat to your hair – try to keep heat styling at a minimum
  • Treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment
  • Dry your hair before leaving the house and always cover up! When wearing a hat, also wear a silk scarf to protect your hair from static and breakage
  • Get regular trims to keep the ends of your hair soft and healthy


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We all have our favorite products, but it’s important to consider having a second set of makeup for the winter months. As a general rule, if something looks dry – don’t use it! Your winter makeup bag should be chockful of creams and moisturizers that will keep your skin feeling dewy year-round. Here are some changes that will make your winter makeup routine a winner:

  • Get a new waterproof mascara to keep smudging to a minimum
  • Skip the powder – transition over to creamy blush that contains glycerin and/or vitamin E
  • Drop the bronzer and adopt a highlighter
  • Blend moisturizer and foundation together before applying, or use a BB cream instead
  • Regularly apply lip balm and treat chapped lips with a 15-minute honey or Vaseline mask
  • Avoid cleansers with alcohol – switch to a cream-based makeup remover
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