10 Steps to your career makeover

- 31 July 2014 @ 11h27

Career envy. It's that feeling that creeps up when you hear of someone who has taken the leap you're too scared to take, or grabbed the opportunity you've always wanted. It's the feeling you get when you hear of the colleague who left a secure job and successfully started his own business; or the friend who followed her passion for design into a booming career. You start to question your own career, and your potential. You may want to make a change too, but feel daunted by the prospect of it. The good news is; you're not alone. 

The desire to make some form of career change is the most pressing matter on the minds of working professionals today. It is estimated that South African professionals hold an average of 13 jobs over their careers – testimony to the fact that career change, especially mid-to-late career change, has become the norm. 

A career change can take many forms. Careers today are less likely to be at a single organisation or in a single position over a lifetime. The work you do could be paid or unpaid; you could work for a corporation or yourself; and you could work part-time or full-time. Whether you're considering starting your own business, asking for a different position, applying for a new role in the same or a different industry, or starting something on the side of your full-time work responsibilities – you're contemplating a career change. 

Successfully navigating any career change requires preparation and planning. We've put together 10 steps to help you give your career a much-needed makeover. Stop yearning for change and make a proactive effort to build your skills and knowledge. View our latest slideshare for advice on how to get started.

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